"Tell me about Poland in 1920"


Honorary patronage:
The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage
Art Education Centre in Warsaw
Private Comprehensive School of Fine Arts in Wloclawek, Poland
Acquainting history of Poland and expanding knowledge of the war events in 1920.
The organizers of the competition believe that the Biennale is a perfect opportunity to present artworks of young artists inspired by historic events.
Requirements for participation:
Students aged 14 to 20 years old, enrolled in art schools are allowed to enter.
Theme of the Biennale: historic events of 1920 in Poland; the field of artworks: painting, print, textiles, sculpture.
Each artist can submit maximum three (3) pieces of artworks.
The maximum size for an artwork: 200x200x200milimetres (including the frame).
Technique is free.
Place the emblem of the author and the country on the reverse side of the artwork (the emblem should be presented as a Latin text, a letter or a number, not as a graphic sign). Official registration form (the attachment no. 1)should be attached to each artwork in a separate closed envelope.
Schools submitting students’ artworks are required to send a list of participants.


The regulations of the Biennale are annexed: download file PDF

Descarga en español VI_Bienal_2020_es.pdf


Catalog - V International Biennale of Miniatures

V International Biennale of Miniatures - Catalog download PDF (PL, FR)


Through you, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to invite art school students to participate in the 5th International Biennale of Miniatures entitled 'The beginning and the end'. This edition is dedicated to the great turning point in the history of Europe, that is to World War I. The old order was changing, releasing the desires of the nations to be free. One of such nations, Poland, had been dreaming of freedom for over 120 years (1795 -Poland divided between its neighbors). The Polish people could fulfill the desire about the Polish army and the independence when their enemies were in conflict with each other. Józef Piłsudski's words 'To wake Poland up to its resurrection with war act' started to be true. Poland's rebirth can be owed to its well-known heroes, among others, to Ignacy Paderewski, Józef Haler, but also to many unknown contributors. I would be very grateful if you could encourage young people to participate in our competition.

With best regards,
Piotr Umiński
The headmaster of POSSP Włocławek

The regulations of the Biennale are annexed: download file PDF

Results - IV International Biennale of Minatures


Download results:

IV International Biennale of Minatures (pdf)


IV International Biennale of Minatures

We would like to invite young creative students for participation in the IVth International Biennale of Miniatures, Włocławek 2016.

The IVth International Biennale of Miniatures is devoted to origination of Polish state in the 1050th anniversary of Christianity adoption from the Czech Republic by our ruler Mieszko. We would like to acquaint students of fine arts schools not only from Poland but also from foreign countries with our rich history and of course, encourage them to participation in this project.  The personal baptism of Mieszko I was a conscious choice of Christianity for the entire state, which was formed with the unification of many tribes. The state, between the Oder and Bug, was varied and its inhabitants professed various pagan religions. In 965 Mieszko married the Czech Princess Dobrawa, and thus he gained an ally against a formidable neighbour from the Baltic Sea, the Wielecki Union. Gallus Anonymus, a twelfth-century chronicler, claims that Dobrawa is credited as a major influence on Mieszko's decision to accept Poland Baptism. The ceremony took place on the 14 of April 966 but the exact location of Poland Baptism is still disputed by historians, with the cities of Poznań, Gniezno and Ostrów Lednicki being the most likely sites. According to medieval customs, the entire court was christened along with the Prince. Mieszko I and his court were not poured with water only on the head, but they were immersed in a special baptismal basin. The Baptism of Poland and the creation of an independent bishopric in Poznań aligned Poland with the Christian countries of Europe and joined with Western Christian culture circle. Mieszko I became equal to other Christian rulers and has strengthened his power over his subjects. The clergy began to arrive to Poland and through their knowledge of Latin the ruler could communicate with foreign countries. Monasteries and churches became centres of the intellectual and artistic life. By this phenomena the society began to consolidate and the awareness of the Polish nation and establishment in the community of the Church and Europe increased. The adoption of one religion conducived to unification of our state and its social strengthening. The celebration of the Jubilee of 1050-anniversary of Poland Baptism will show us how much of this great and historical heritage has stood the test of time.

We would be grateful if young people could participate in the IVth International Biennale of Miniatures.


With best regards,
Piotr Umiński
The headmaster of POSSP Włocławek

Descárga PDF en español: Regulaciones y Descripción.

Estimados Señoras y Señores:
Tengo el gran placer de invitarlos a participar en la IV Bienal Internacional de Miniatura Wloclawek 2016 (el reglamento del concurso  se encuentra en anexo adjunto).
Esperando contar con su participación, se despide atentamente,

Piotr Umiński
Director de la Escuela Secundaria Privada de Bellas Artes
de Wloclawek


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