Woodcuts - the symbols of happiness

  • Drukuj

From 13th to 29th October at the City Hall in Wloclawek you could see the exhibition of New Year's Taiwan woodcuts. Their formation involves the celebration of the Chinese New Year. Multicoloured compositions include New Year’s wishes - text and images depicting the tutelary deity, flowers, genre scenes and the most frequently occurring theme such as Chinese zodiac signs (twelve animals - rat, ox, tiger, hare, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig).

All the images posted on woodcut prints have a symbolic significance – wishes of happiness, longevity, prosperity or wealth.

Presented woodcuts are mastery complementing rich subject matter. This technique of Chinese coloured woodcut is characterized by the creation of prints with coloured water ink of stamping die. It allows artists to achieve amazing precision effects and make graphic closer to hand-painted pictures. The boards are distinguished by a multitude of colours, shades, delicate or, on the contrary, strong outline, or various compositions. Some of them combine the traditional technique of digital printing which highlights values such as tradition and innovation.

The exhibition of Taiwan woodcuts is not only an excellent possibility of contact with a different culture, but also allows you to meet with the beauty of the master works which maintain Taiwan's tradition of folk art.

Karolina Sicińska