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International outdoor painting

The international outdoor painting called "In the footsteps of Ferdynand Ruszczyc"
took place in Kazimierz Dolny in 2018.

This particular excursion could help us understand the life of a brilliant writer, artist and soldier.

The meeting was financially supported by The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage from the fund to promote culture.


On 1 March we celebrated the Remembrance Day of Cursed soldiers

Cursed soldiers have not laid down their arms after the end of World War II and objected to the Soviet Union.
In Poland on 1st  March 2016 we celebrated  the National Remembrance Day of Cursed Soldiers  in honour of steadfast militants. Both the residents of our town and our school were present in large numbers  during the celebration.


The Private Comprehensive School of Fine Arts commemorated insurgents’ memory

It's not the first time when we set out from our city Włocławek to Brześć Kujawski on the anniversary of rising battle in order to commemorate those who responded to the call of the National Government. The battle of Ciepliny starts rising wrestle 1863/64 in Kuyavia. Young people, who put honour and contempt for death above war craft, claimed freedom of their homeland. This was the last noble independence spurt redeemed by tens of thousands killed, condemned and forced to leave the country people. Flowers and memory lights at the insurgents’ grave were a symbol in remembrance not only of those whose names are well-known such as Józef Stępowski or Juliusz Erlicki but also of the unknown heroes from our city.


The anniversary of Colonel S. Bechi’s death – a hero of Italian and Polish people

In the early morning on 17th December 1863 the Russian court pronounced sentence on the Colonel. Stanisław Bechi had paid the highest price for his support to Polish insurgents. The invaders wanted Bechi’s name to disappear from our memory. After 152 years the memory of this hero is - still alive, as a tangible proof of it is our presence at the anniversary ceremonies.  Going from prison to the place of Colonel’s execution we reminded the volunteers from France, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, who shed their blood for our freedom.

The insurgents had contributed to the reconstruction of our country - GLORY to the HEROES.
Visit our gallery in order to see the pictures from the ceremony.



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